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University of Belize

January Speaker Series | Bird Monitoring Program in Belize

Abidas Ash, bird biologist and lead bird bander for the program in Belize, will talk about the current MoSI (Monitoring of Overwintering Survival of Neotropical Migrants) program and how they […]

Dec 2021 Cardinal Newsletter

Saint Paul Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count will take place on Saturday, December 18, 2021. This year’s count
will be modified to conform to guidelines set by the National Audubon Society for conducting a COVID-19 safe and socially-distanced count.

Charles Grolla, a member of the Bois Forte band of Ojibwe,

December Speaker Series | Charles Grolla presents “Ojibwe Bird Stories and Legends.”

Ogimaagiizhig-Charles Grolla, a member of the Bois Forte band of Ojibwe, will present “Ojibwe Bird Stories and Legends.” His presentation, based on his book Ojibwe Bird Stories, will give an Ojibwe […]

glass building

Bird-Friendly Buildings

Research indicates that up to 1 billion birds may be killed per year in the U.S. alone due to window collisions. Birds hit buildings at all hours during the day and night. […]

Sandhill Cranes by Patrick McInnis

The Cranes at Crex trip brings surprises this year

Saint Paul Audubon’s annual field trip to see the Sandhill Cranes at Crex Meadows took a few unexpected turns this year.

Pig's Eye Regional Park

Pig’s Eye Regional Park Report

The following report was created by Jarita Chen, a Macalester College student, supported by the college’s Chuck Green Fellowship. She spent hours afield with Kiki Sonnen, Tom Dimond, Kathy Sidles […]

Sandhill Cranes in Crex Meadows SWA

Since historic times, Greater Sandhill Cranes have congregated by the thousands every autumn evening in the marshes and ponds now called Crex Meadows, located on the north side of Grantsburg, WI.

Oct & Nov 2021 Cardinal Newsletter

Aug & Sept 2021 Cardinal Newsletter