August/September 2010

Planes and Cranes – A Story of Hope for the Endangered Whooping Crane (September meeting topic) | Nature Notes | 2nd Annual Chimney Swift Count | Tar Sands – Dirty Oil | North Shore Migration – Watchers Needed | Join us September 9th at 6:45 at the Fairview Community Center in Roseville for our first 2010-2011 meeting.

June/July 2010

Summer Butterfly Census | 2010-2011 Officers and Board | Gulf Crisis | Gardens for Birds

April/May 2010

Carp: Why We Should Care and What to Do About Them | Salamanders, and the Fate of the World’s Biodiversity Hot Spots | New Role for the Saint Paul Audubon Society | Annual Meeting: May 13, 2010 | Saint Paul Audubon’s Spring Warbler Weekend | Urban Birding Festival of the Twin Cities

February/March 2010

Great Lakes Piping Plovers: Research and Recovery | The River We Have Wrought | What Holly’s Reading | Senator Janet Johnson WMA, North Branch | 2010 Legislature Begins February 4th | Birds — the Canary in the Coal Mine for a Changing Climate

December 2009/January 2010

Restoring the Mississippi River for Birds and People | New Website | Annual Fund Drive | Area Happenings

October/November 2009

Do We Walk the Talk? | Treasures of the Lost Gorge | SPAS Butterfly Census | Happenings and Nature Notes | Historic Fledging of Manx Shearwater

August/September 2009

Mockingbird Song | Lead Poisoning in Bald Eagles | New Beginnings | Generous with Their Time | Green Grass Shouldn’t Always be Green | State of the Birds | Chimney Swift Sit

June/July 2009

Butterfly Count | Inside Birding | A Cautionary Tale | A Backyard for the Birds | Books for Butterfliers

April/May 2009

Raptor Banding on the North Shore | Ice Age Extinctions | Annual Meeting Elections | Riverine Flyways | Bird-proofing your Windows

February/March 2009

February member meeting: Early Logging in the Midwest | March member meeting: Looking at Lichens | Chapter and volunteer opportunities | News about the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas | Spring Warbler Weekend | Douglas Tallamy Argues for Native Plants | 2009 Beginning Bird ID class schedule | Conservation education updates